The newest electronic hearing protection headset by Sordin, the Swatcom Active8 is now available. Sordin's main distributor has worked out an exclusive deal to re-brand this new headset under their Swatcom line of products as the "Active8" Waterproof headset. They have worked with Sordin closely to bring out an updated and improved headset following on from the popular Supreme series of headsets. View the full product page here

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New Features:

  • Waterproof sealed Military Spec electronics, microphones and battery compartment, submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • New ASIC* digital electronic sound reproduction with improved sound quality and compression of impulse sounds.
  • Twin speakers in each ear cup for fail safe audio and radio powered communication.
  • New Sand/Tan colour

We are excited to be able to offer this new headset exclusively in Canada. To celebrate the release we will be offering 10% off any Swatcom Active8 headset until Sunday, August 25th. Use the following code in the checkout to secure your 10% off:


The Sordin brand was recently bought by a Swedish manufacturer of hearing protection products with over 30 years of experience in the field. This acquisition will allow new exciting products from the Sordin line that MSA have left stagnant for quite some time! The new Active8 and the previous line of MSA Sordin Supreme products are being manufactured in the same factory in Sweden as before. For more information of the acquisition of Sordin please see the following blog post on our website: