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Thread: CONGATULATIONS TacticalTeacher!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistero View Post
    You boys/girls need to take a chill-pill!

    I never said the man was bad or that he did not deserve it or anything of such. But the guy does in fact run a business and any business could use some attention. Maybe the magazine approached him and asked for a "donation" to have the article printed or maybe it was paid directly for service. There are number of ways this could have happened. It is also not a secret that this magazine runs on advertising, alot of it too. I am well within my right here to assume that the article was in some way paid for and not a free advertising.
    Back from shooting the DCRA NSCC Nationals in PR.

    Yeah, it’s a valid point and I’m here to clear up the air once and for all. No more innuendos and rumours

    My business is a joke; just ask my wife and my accountant. I’m not in this arena for the money but to promote all the marksmanship i can and return the karma my coaches and mentors bestowed upon me.

    Greentips was supportive in my community building efforts back in 2003 when this forum was kicking up initially. He was aware that by nature we edumakators are out to make the world (shooting world) better and so began my journey of M14 clinics. He encouraged me to open up a business and the rest is history.

    All of you can do the math and figure out my revenues from the results of my matches that I seem to be one of the few posting them publicly on CGN.

    If you think I’m in this for the fame and $$, you are sadly mistaken and I forgive all of you. Don’t matter. It’s All Good!

    For the record it was the publisher who reached out to me. They wanted a fresh perspective and it seems they found it here. I am humbled and honoured.

    The kind folks at Calibre Mag wanted a paradigm change. They wanted something different. Articles on champions have been done for years. It’s certainly an interesting approach and of course there will be interesting responses.

    If there are any doubters, feel free to contact the publisher via their “Contact Us” link on their facebook page. They can set the record straight if any doubt lingers.

    Now let’s direct our efforts to converting newbies into shooters because that’s the war and coming battles all of us face! That’s the real fight..... hahahahaha And a fight its’ gonna be on 21 Oct 2019!!

    Moving forward!

    Cheers, Barney
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    Good article on a great guy. See you at Meaford PRS!

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    Congrats Barney
    “Hoplophobia is a mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons, as opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them.” - Jeff Cooper

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    A lovely place
    Congrats, looking forward to reading the article
    Love one another

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    Hey Barney, someone who actually knew you would not be so brazen in such assumptions.

    They might be a little jealous , who wouldn’t be lol
    Abuse of power isn't limited to 'bad guys' in other nations. It happens in our own country. Those in power get jaded, deluded, and seduced by power itself.-Clint Eastwood .

    And those who abuse power, they will be judged most harshly by history-SNL

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    Barney is a true man of class. The last of a dying breed and the only business I know that does work for free just to help a fellow shooter.

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    Congratulations Barney! I’ll just add in my 2 cents here and say that Barney is truthfully an amazing person. I’ve lost count of the number of times he has helped or instructed me. When I would ask how much I owed him he always would tell me to just pass on what I’ve learned to others. If you’re still suspect. Go and take a clinic with him.
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