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Thread: 8.5 Billion Dollars and 48,000 Jobs in the Canadian Firearms Industry

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    Who cares...….

    The liberal created 81000 job just in august !!!!!!
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    8.5 Billion Dollars and 48,000 Jobs in the Canadian Firearms Industry
    Sporting gun advocacy group says recreational weapons are economic drivers.
    We should be and need to be political drivers too
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    Quote Originally Posted by squidxm View Post
    My wife thinks I spend 4.8 Billion on guns and ammo. In reality, it’s really only like 2 Billion.
    Hahaha! Don't let her find out how much fun shooting really is. It'll double your budget!

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    It sounds to me like there is an opportunity here.

    Trudeau said screwing around with the rule of law was OK because of the greater good: saving jobs. We all know that was horsesh!t but who cares. Lets make it very public that this is about saving jobs JUST LIKE PM TRUDEAU DID TO SAVE SNC LAVALIN JOBS!!!

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    8.6 billion and 48000 jobs is huge 5 times more than SNC-Lavalin
    It's a great day for hockey
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    They are determined to close down the oil and gas sector. Thats 30% of a something like 1.9 trillion national annual economy.

    48k jobs, and in a province they cant remember. They wont even consider it. Just plug a problem into their ideology......mmmm bad guns.....bad oil.
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