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Thread: Liberal Tears Coffee in Canada

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    Liberal tears might be good brand name for constipation aid or hemorrhoid cream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kombatnt View Post
    I don't get it. Is it saying liberals cry coffee beans instead of liquid? Are the bags filled with liquid, or coffee beans? Tears are liquid, and coffee beans are, ... well... not. Is it just that "Liberals = Crybabies = HAHAHA!"? It doesn't seem particularly clever, or even make any sense.
    Here I thought it was more like instant coffee, more like freeze dried tears with coffee flavoring. Or hey, maybe it was coffee that was brewed with actual Liberal tears instead of water, then that was freeze dried...?

    These are all good questions.

    I still wonder if it's actually going to be strong enough coffee, probably going to be weak and bitter.
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    Just sell some bags I'll put my own coffee in it.. but keep it around for company
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    ordered will you contact with roast / flavour options?
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