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Thread: The Musings of a Wolverine. August Edition

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    The Musings of a Wolverine. August Edition

    This month's musing is coming to you in a different form! Although retired, I have approx. 250 acres of hay land, working with a neighbour who has a similar amount of hay land we have had a very busy month.

    Most of the crop has been poor and we had three breakdowns in the baler to fix, none of them easy but at least the weather has been good.

    Just about completed now only 60 acres of millet left so we now have time to catch up on some maintenance. I have always loved haying, I think it is one of the best jobs in the farming!

    A storm was forecast so my wife Pat volunteered to rake in front of the baler, this really speeds up baling, especially in a poor crop like this one.

    I purchased a “new” John Deere 4230 for this season very pleased with her but, must get the air conditioning working for next year.

    Sammy riding in my neighbours John Deere which we have on the disc bine.

    Matt refuelling me with the slip tank from the Unimog.

    My faithful companion Sammy rides with me most of the time.

    The area I hay is beautiful countryside with plenty of bush and rolling hills.

    If only our crop had all been as good as this small piece.
    Keep your powder dry,
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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    And thanks for my recent order/fast shipping!

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    Lucky, I could only dream of that much land
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    Love haying and cutting corn too but usually stay on the maintenance side as it never ends between the two operations I serve. —-Dieseldog!

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    Your dog is really cool. I wish I could have a dog.

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    Glad to see you happy and busy in retirement/inky

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    [B]I have always loved haying, I think it is one of the best jobs in the farming!

    Obviously, you have always done it a different way than when I grew up in Northern Saskatchewan. It always seemed to be +30. And we did square bales onto a bale wagon pulled behind the tractor. Throw them once onto the wagon and then again to stack them. Load the wagon to a ridiculous amount. Then back to the yard to unload and stack them again.
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    Alright someone has to say it..............wheres the gun rack?

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    Matt coming in clutch with the mog!

    Great pics, thanks for sharing! Hard to beat guns and farm life.
    Just a dude up in Canada that likes guns
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    Hi, what’s the matter with the AC? Lots of farmers around here with maybe some advice?!

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