Swarovski Z8i 3.5-28x50 - 4Ai / 4Wi/ BRXi:

Even at 28x magnification, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 impresses with its extraordinarily high detail rendition. This makes it ideal for long-range shots. The slim, powerful rifle scope weighs just 665 g (23.5 oz) at a length of 380 mm (15 in), making it the ideal companion for physically demanding hunts.

Second to None
While the lightweight of the new Z8i (665 g/23.5 oz and 380 mm/15 in long) is a real asset for mountain hunting, the 28x magnification on this rifle scope is superb for longer distances too. The 8x zoom range, outstanding optical display performance, and uncompromising image definition over the entire field of view enable maximum detail recognition at all levels of magnification.

Perfectly designed
Like all Z8i series models, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 P is characterized by its special features: the slimline 30-mm (1.2 inch) central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. The perfectly ergonomic illumination unit with large operating features make it quick and reliable to handle. The optional SR mounting rail ensures quick and easy fitting

Optional accessories can increase the user-friendliness of the Z8i rifle scope, as well as help protect the device and customize it for each individual hunter. The ballistic turret flex (BTF) can be used as either an elevation or windage turret. 70 tangible clicks help the hunter to set distances precisely. The personalized ballistic ring (PBR) offers even more individuality. The throw lever (TL) makes it quick and easy to adjust the zoom ring. The scope lens protector (SLP) prevents dirt getting into the objective and eyepiece lenses.


  • Large field of view
  • Centered reticle in the second image plane
  • Rapid diopter adjustment.
  • SWAROLIGHT coating: best colour fidelity and maximum light transparency.
  • SWAROCLEAN coating: less intensive cleaning requirements prolong service life
  • Quadratic adjustment range.
  • Light weight yet durable construction in a 30mm tube.
  • All aluminum outer parts are anodized to be scratch-resistant.