Going from 300 to 500 is a steep increase indeed.

Considering that I was holding this membership to train my kids later and rarely shown up myself, it quickly becomes a luxury considering my other household expenses.
Well, I can swallow it for now. Any other increases will likely push me away from that and I honestly don't know to whom to say thank you here.
Thankfully we have an opportunity to shoot real cheap in other remote location as we hunt there and stay there for may days anyway. We will see.

My deepest concern is other thing: if I bring a licensed quest, a guy who is simply willing to fine tune his hunting rifle before a hunting season, why we have to share same shooting bench?
My understanding is that responsibility will be on me ANYWAY if that guy will do something wrong, but he paid his 20$, he has my back and I pay my membership fees.
We still have to wait for each other until we finish testing our handloads? Not a smart move, Silverdale.