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Thread: Trudeau's Gun Ban and Buy Back

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    Quote Originally Posted by BG011 View Post
    I was never banned. Where did you get that from?

    You also believe the earth is flat?

    Ok really I don’t give a f... about you and your comments so get a f... off my back.
    I have been reading a reading and can't believe how gullible you've been. The irony of their joke is that they're trolling you. You're actually triggered and do care about what they say... stop saying you dont give an 'F' about what they say when you keep quoting what they effin' say! Mentioning genders and feelings, than turn around and show that you're simply a snowflake that melts at a notch or two warmer than most. Relax guy.

    Huge division in the shooting culture. YUUUUGE.

    The lack of solidarity, and the 'creative' ways some of us view this situation is alarming and the exact type of stuff anti-gun lobbyists want to hear. If you're gonna stand up and do something - than do something. Organize.

    If not, you can catch me in the woods (most likely not, as most of you are probably way out of shape). Nothing is happening in the next two years - if that election gets lost.... then we are screwed. But until then, i am keeping positive and shooting as much as possible.

    Once banned, i want all air soft rifles and paint ball guns that look identical to the AR15 and "assault like" rifles banned too. Because isn't it the optics?

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    Cheese is just a loaf of milk.

    In other news. I wont be selling my guns anytime soon.
    Homer: I'd like to buy your deadliest gun, please.

    Gun Shop Owner: Aisle six, next to the sympathy cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longarm9 View Post
    Hey, don't lump the whole lower mainland together. Everything west of Slurrey went Conservative in the election. Abbotsford and Chilliwack especially are very solidly conservative. I think we'd just have to kick out everything from Slurrey westward. And probably Vanisle and the gulf islands, due to the hippies.
    Here in Abby it was some 67% blue!!!!

    Surrey west could fall into the ocean with VanIsle for all I care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cras111 View Post
    Watch your mouth you retarded troll how you talk to members here.
    You have only 21 posts and itís only your 9th day on CGN but already a dozen of people think that you are a one dirty troll and so you are.
    Not only you do not listen to decent people here but also you do not comprehend anything of what people are trying to tell you. This way you have proven yourself to be not only a troll but also an ignorant retard and a complete version of an idiot.
    As I said before, it will be better for you and for everybody here if you just get your pathetic azzz of a troll out of this place and never come back.

    The onoy retard here is you.

    Have a great weekend d.ckhead.

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    Since Y'all decided to start name calling, attacking each other, and acting like a bunch of undisciplined children who need to go and sit and face the corner I'm shutting this down..
    - .303
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