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Thread: VOTE 2019 - So much is on the Line - Bans and Buybacks and Second Class Citizens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scourge18a View Post
    "All military style assault weapons, including the AR-15"

    I presume this to mean all semi autos with a detachable magazine.
    Get ready folks, this is the big one.
    After those it will be the high power sniper rifles (bolt action hunting rifles)

    Hope you haven’t “modded up” any 10/22’s with any of those aftermarket black accessories.
    (or own a Cooey/Lakefield/Savage 64)

    And yes, then it will be scoped rifles. My non-shooting wife was helping me take photos of some long guns, and when I pulled my Remington 700 .260 in a Tupperware stock out of the safe, (after several wood/blued rifles) she asked “what do you shoot with <i>this</i> one?”
    "Ignorance can only propel anti-gun legislation so far until it smacks into the hard wall of the truth!"
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    "Mass murderers apparently can’t read, since they are constantly shooting up ‘gun-free zones.’ "
    - Ann Coulter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Therapy View Post
    So this might be a stupid question but... part of the reason the nra is so powerful in the us is because they throw so much $ to support their politicians in return getting support back. From both Republicans and Democrats. Why does this not work in Canada?
    The NRA does a good job of mobilizing their huge membership to support (with both votes and donations) their approved candidates. None of our firearms associations have a large enough base to make a significant voting block.

    Also our campaign financing and 3rd party spending limit laws are much more restrictive in Canada.

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    Time is running out for all guns owner, we need a huge rally and let the liberal know that we are not the criminal. Don't just talk and hope for the best out come. Do something protest shows our right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyTacker View Post
    Very hard to make right move with a voting.

    No to Liberals..........(many reasons)
    NO to NDP............( I still remember what they done in Europe when they to to power)
    No to Green Party........(they a :CHICKEN: they like marionettes)

    Is the Conservative party can be better then other one????
    Answer; YES the conservatives are better and in my opinion anyone with even 1% of common sense in them should be able to see this and for those with no common sense well maybe pull your head out of your nether regions and open your eyes and try to remember real hard why you were equipped with a brain.

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