A few weeks back I placed an order for a shooting tree from Range Rabbit. I was working out of town. It shipped out in a timely manner.

I finished my shift and came back home just in time to get an email that it had arrived in the mail on a beautiful Friday morning. So off I went to pick it up. Unfortunately It Canada Post had lost all 6 of the plates and pretty well destroyed the packaging. Blue Balls.

I ended up sending Range Rabbit a somewhat salty email as it seemed to me that it had been poorly packed (not the case). As it seems someone intentionally removed the plates from the packaging tearing up the remainder in the process.

Range Rabbit was more than courteous and understanding. They shipped out a set of replacement plates right away on their dime without me even asking. I couldn't be happier with the customer service I received. Very much so above and beyond.

We are still in the process of dealing with Canada Post as I seem to be playing phone tag with them, but I'm hoping it gets sorted out.

Ps. Thanks for the candies. I didn't get to enjoy them as all I found was wrappers by the time the girlfriend and I got home but there were no snarky comments regarding my purchase. And no I'm back on another shift so it'll have to wait a bit before I can shoot at it.