If you're in the market for one of the best semi-auto shotguns money can buy...
but need to watch your budget, NOW IS THE TIME!

Beretta updated their A400 Xtreme to the Plus model with some improvements on the release and bolt handle, and has discontinued the original!

As a result we've got an unbeatable blow-out price on the original A400 Xtreme Unico Black 12 Gauge Shotguns!

Beretta Original A400 Xtreme Shotguns - Black Synthetic, 12 gauge with 28" Barrel

Originally $2150 / End of run clearout only $1349.99 +tax!

  • 3.5" Chamber
  • Kick-Off "Mega" - the Mega version moves the Kickoff system to the middle of the stock allowing for more reliable shouldering
  • ACQUA Tech - Internal and external protection - all internal parts are produced with rust-proof protective coatings. The slide, carrier and trigger are covered with anti-glare treatment. The receiver is made of anodized aluminum. The barrel bore is chrome-plated and external is blued. The barrel and receiver are protected through a special dipping treatment that shelters the gun from corrosion in all weather conditions. Even after 150 hours of saline fog, the treated barrel resists any corrosive effects.
  • BLINK - Beretta's ultra-fast gas operated system with a rotating bolt head and a new feeding system
  • OCHP - OptimaChoke HP compatible!