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Thread: Gsg-16 legal status - public announcement

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    Gsg-16 legal status - public announcement

    We are writing this to explain the background concerning the legal status of the GSG-16 rifle.

    Blue Line, as German Sport Guns official and sole Canadian representative (not "another company that imports GSG-16") have worked together with GSG on the classification of the GSG-16 rifles for years. Finally, a few months ago, we received a letter from the RCMP confirming the Non-Restricted classification for the GSG-16 Canadian Model (FRT number 195454). Throughout this process, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to approve for Canadian market GSG rifles of a similar look.

    The ATI GSG-16 model (FRT number 195456) was instantly classified as prohibited after its initial introduction at the SHOT Show and remained so according to the RCMP website as late as last week.

    It is very easy to confirm the above information with RCMP FRT Division over the phone, should you wish. Please take a look at the screenshots below, taken off the RCMP website on September 11, 2019.

    We were aware of the ATI GSG-16 Prohibited classification all along, hence our surprise when we heard that these prohibited rifles were imported into Canada from the United States. The ATI GSG-16 prohibited guns were also publicly advertised as Non-Restricted and sold as such to the Canadian public.

    We are not law enforcement, and it is not our job to deal with such issues. However, it does surprise us that these situations happen at all. It is also not our job, nor intention, to publicly announce or discuss on CGN details that would adversely impact the innocent buyers of the ATI Prohibited guns.

    A few days ago, we received a phone call from the police in regards to the GSG-16 firearms questioning their classification and origin. We informed them that the Blue Line Solutions is the official Canadian representative of German Sport Guns. We further stated to them as well as to the BC CFO, that all of our GSG products were coming directly from Germany, and provided them with the official Canadian GSG-16 Model Non-Restricted FRT number.

    Thankfully, the RCMP's response was to change the ATI GSG-16's Prohibited status to Non-Restricted status. We want to believe that there will be no further repercussions for anyone, and this is the final resolution to this situation.

    We are all adults; as such, we are solely responsible for our actions. We are writing this not as advice but rather a plea; be careful when working with gray-market dealers and buying firearms from them. Please, purchase products from your local Canadian dealer, who is obtaining these products from the manufacturers' official representative. This situation could have ended catastrophically for many who were fooled into buying, and having in their possession, Prohibited Rifles under a wrongfully claimed Non-Restricted status.

    Also, please do not believe the lies you read on the internet and think twice before accusing and formulating an opinion concerning someone who is diligently working in our community's best interest.

    Thank you,
    Blue Line Team

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    So if I understand correctly, instead of trying to get the ATI GSG-16s prohibited, you actually got them reclassified as non-restricted?

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    Seems like IRG was the business trying to start #### this time. Too bad all you panicking drama queens prematurely started burning the ‘witch’. Such an emotional bunch. Any chance BLS can import bulk amounts of tissues and tampons for the CGN community?

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    All it sounds like to me is that there was a mix up on the FRT and it is now corrected (thankfully in everyones favour)...but, as per CGN fashion, it went off the rails fast/furiously. Nothing to see here...movin' on...awaiting my forthcoming GSG-16. Thanks.
    μολὼν λαβέ

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    Thanks for clearing this out,have just had one thing to say,stop acting like that the GSG 16 it is owned by you,like you said the GSG 16 was presented to shot show and was for sale in the USA way before it got the non restricted status here in canada.If you you did point out some fabrication line to gsg to make it less looking to a mp5 to get it non restricted,good and thank you,but we are in a free market and im pretty sure you would have did the samething as the other importer if you had the opportinity.

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    Please tell me how 1 import of the exact same rimfire would result in different classifications.

    It would be like

    Glock Austria being restricted but Glock USA prohib
    "Sleep in bliss Pops"!!!!!!

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    Lots of free advertising anyways

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    IRG look like the dicks now. And Youzadrama.

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    I don't understand how the"other" company has a non restricted FRT for the rifles they are bringing in.....
    And have sold, what you say makes no sense.

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    How are they d;cks?
    They posted a copy of their FRT right in the beginning.

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