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Thread: Spooky Specials and Updates

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    Spooky Specials and Updates

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    Hi fellow Gun nutz,
    We just wanted to share our spooky new holiday themed target for the fall season as well as spread the word that there may be an upcoming site wide sale to keep us a little warmer before some long cold Canadian winters so keep your eyes peeled for our next post.

    General update:

    This coming year we hope to introduce several new targets to our line up. In order to do that we were wondering if any of you nutters might want to play guinea pig? We need some brave souls to put these bad boys to the test, review them, and tell us what can be improved or might be changed. If there are any volunteers feel free to PM us with some of your background experience in firearms and shooting, some of these items will be long range. Cost will vary depending on what were sending, but will essentially probably cover the shipping and you will get to keep the item you test!

    Let us know what you think!
    We appreciate all your support this year so far since the takeover and look forward to making some awesome new items.

    -R&D Department

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    first thing i thought of when i saw the eyes and mouth

    awesome seasonal target though! actually just a pretty cool decoration in general, it wont break like the plastic crap from walmart
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    Love the idea guys, way to add a little spice and concept fun to the sport! I'm thinking I might pick up a couple of pumpkins, the kids will have a hoot plinking with the .22!

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    Well I have my own private CFO certified range so I can shoot all sorts of things at it without a grumpy range officer telling me what to do.

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