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Thread: So i woke up to this in my email this morning..

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    I got a website built through Shopify and it didnt cost me anything up front. A third part designer did it for free and Shopify took a small percentage of sales to pay him off. Worked out really well!

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    Huh, never been on your website till i saw your post. Im no tech genius, but it seemed ok and easy to navigate!
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    Itís not really that hard to build an e-commerce website these days. Even if youíre not that tech savvy devote an hour to it per night and eventually youíll have something better and gain knowledge from it thatíll benefit you in the long run. Iíve learned lots building my clubís website in Wix and Iíd definitely say we gained members from it (donít use Wix for this though, use a dedicated e-commerce platform).

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    Your site certainly could use a refresh and more modern look but otherwise it's really not that bad. It's straight forward and not rocket science to figure out how to order etc. You can change it if you really want, but honestly, id leave it be. And besides for the dildoes that send emails like that off to people, do you really wanna deal with them at the end of the day?

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