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Thread: Now in Stock! PCC Magwells for Freedom Ordnance FX-9 and Ruger PC Carbine

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaTFiNk306 View Post
    Any info on Bul armory PCCs? Will you be carrying these?
    I want to. Looking into it. There are a few challenges;
    1. It's an AR-15. It will have to go through the RCMPs' AR-15 protocol which - last time I did - took about 5 months.
    2. It's 14" - not 16" - it will not be importable to the USA for USPSA, IDPA or IPSC competitions.
    3. Bul has to get export permits; that takes some time in Israel. My handgun export permit took 6 months.

    Are many people interested in a high end PCC restricted rifle in 9mm that sells for approx $2000 Canadian?
    Let me know!
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    Well given that there are other options already coming in you may be correct in assuming that this might not sell well. Especially with all the hassle.

    I'm currently looking at stuff like the MBX, and PWS which are already coming available. I have an FX-9 already but just looking for something that is a little lighter/handier now that I know I like this PCC game.
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