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Thread: Harris Bipods -10%

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    Harris Bipods -10%

    SAVE 10% on all Harris bipods and Accessories! Genuine Harris Bipods. The originals made in Barlow Kentucky.

    Use promo code HARRIS10 at check out!

    We stock every bipod and accessory Harris Engineering manufactures.
    Don't be fooled by inferior offshore copies! These have a lifetime warranty from Harris Engineering and wont let you down in the field when you
    need it for that once in a lifetime shot!

    We have a few of the new S-25C Kryptek Highlander Camo models in stock and some of the new BR2 quick adjust leg models in stock.

    The Harris BR2 Bipod allows the shooter to quickly set up on uneven surfaces and adjust the leg height without leaving their position. The Bipod is self leveling and just takes a simple twist of the locking mechanism to keep it in position. The S-BRS uses a the same Harris classic base, the S Series which rocks from side to side.

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    Would love to find spiked feet adaptors for these.
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