ATI Omni Hybrid Polymer Multi-Cal Stripped Lower

Black ATIGLOWHCAN, Restricted


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The Omni Hybrid Multi-Cal AR-15 lower receiver's primarily polymer design is rated to be as strong as, yet half an ounce lighter than, a standard billet receiver. The new design has additional metal reinforcement in the high pressure sections to surpass military pressure and weight bearing tests.

The Omni Hybrid lower features a patented hammer and trigger pin retainment system which increases stability and accuracy by preventing movement from the hammer and trigger pin during firing.

This AR-15 lower receiver also features a patented over-molded metal insert, which reinforces the buffer tube housing and rear takedown pin, allowing for metal-on-metal contact with both the buffer tube as well as the rear takedown pin. This decreases the impact from recoil for more consistent firing.

The ATI lower receiver combines strength and durability and is a fantastic choice to build your next 5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm, .300 AAC Blackout or other popular AR-15 caliber conversions.

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm, .300 AAC Blackout Beveled Magwell
Weight: 8oz

- Black Metal-Reinforced Black Polymer
- Inter-Lock Hammer
- Trigger Pin Retainment System
- Over-Molded Metal Insert
- Works With Standard Lower Part Kits (LPK)
- Mil-Spec
- Glove-Friendly Trigger Guard

Classification Restricted