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Thread: Shipping Update - with Covid-19 News.

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    Shipping Update - with Covid-19 News.

    First off, I hope all of you are safe and well. These are trying times for all as we all try and stop the spread on this nasty bug.

    At Arms East we are following official advice while receiving and shipping mostly as usual, distancing, sanitizing, washing and so on. However, shipping this week was a challenge with plenty of on the bus - off the bus action. Many of our customers likely received more than one shipping notification from Canada Post and Purolator courier and so on. To explain how the past seven days played out...

    We shipped and received significant orders Friday.

    -Sat through Monday: we went all in shipping out all orders from weekend and new Friday stock only to find at end of day Monday that the provincial mail sorting plant had been shut as a CP employee had tested positive for Covid-19. So, three days of shipping, no Canada Post.

    -Tuesday, our shipping dept re-prepares all firearms and most other backed orders from CP to back up courier systems. Keep things moving. All out to courier end of day Tuesday.

    -Wed we are told CP would re-open Thursday. So we shipped via courier for firearms and prepared smaller items, parts and mags for Thursday morning Canada Post. End of day we deliver to courier, they are closed! Apparently due to Covid-19 preparations? Re-opening Thursday.

    -Thursday morning, Canada Post plant remains closed, we are told re-opening Friday. We ship firearms by courier. We held parts order Canada Post shipments and continued packaging for Friday Canada Post.

    -Friday, Canada Post still shut down. We prepared orders for Canada Post Monday. End of day, we hear from courier that they can't deliver firearms from previous day, so we have to pick them up or wait for them to be returned to us next week, so we picked them up.

    So here we are Friday. In the end there has been no Canada Post all week, what could be shipped by courier has been, and not all of that has been successful. All shipments are secure and accounted for and will be delivered again to Canada Post on Monday, which they tell us will be open.

    If you have received a Canada Post shipping notification through the week, it should go live after Monday.

    If you received a courier notice and it's updating, please enjoy your firearm shortly.

    If you received a courier notice that says it was already signed for by us, it's part of what we picked up today and it's going back by Canada Post on Monday and you will get a new shipping notice.

    We talked and communicated with many of you this week and we sincerely appreciate your patience as we work through this Covid-19 situation. We will continue to follow guide lines and common sense and will continue operations as long as we are allowed and able to.

    Again, we wish all customers and CGNers the best over the coming days and weeks. Stay well.
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    The update is much appreciated. Thanks for your efforts in getting the product out in what must be a challenging and frustrating situation.

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    Appreciate the update

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    Thank you for the transparency and update — communication is much appreciated, given the uncertainty going around, reading this is a breath of fresh air.

    Lots so time at home right now, so anything to read is great!

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    Would be great if other shops took 10 minutes to post updates like this, probably would save hours of phone and email time.

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    Thanks for the update. I got a Canada post tracking number a couple days ago that isn't tracking. I assumed it was something like this with the current things going on out there.
    Stay safe!

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