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Thread: Sad day for Nikon Scopes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquid_Snake View Post
    My Nikon with a 3rd party app was bagging yotes at 500 plus yards every time in every condition I loved it even with the circles
    What is the app ?

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    I think that it’s truly unfortunate that Nikon is abandoning this segment of the optics market. It’s my opinion that they make a very good product at a very reasonable price. It would be nice to hear directly from their rep Travis, who might be able to shed some light, and put any fears about ongoing support to rest.
    Sorry for the derail...

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    I must be the odd guy out here. Though I have shot with Nikon camera gear since forever, I have continually been underwhelmed and disappointed with their optics line. Ho-hum glass, weird reticles, average pricing and some pretty bad reviews. Just never saw the excitement others saw in them.

    That said, glad they have done well for Prophet River and for those that own and like them. Sad to see any manufacturer stop producing products for the shooting sport.
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