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Thread: SOLD OUT - IVI - New 300 Blackout Brass

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    SOLD OUT - IVI - New 300 Blackout Brass

    ******* UPDATE 7 December 2019 *************

    If you have requested brass and I haven't reached out to you directly with either an invoice or email..... EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!


    I have a couple of thousand sitting, so someone is missed, I just am not sure who.

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    ******* UPDATE 1 December 2019 *************'

    I have about 90% of the 60,000 spoken for. Once the last few thousand pieces are gone, this is done. I requested the transfer of the full 60,000 to my facility.

    ******* UPDATE 1 December 2019 *************'

    I have crossed the 30,000 threshold. This is going to move forward now. I am only going to pull what is pre-sold from my commercial partner, so I don't get stuck with inventory. Hence if you want to make it on this round then let me know via email, private message before I lock in the quantity.

    ********* Original Content *************

    So I was approached with an opportunity to distribute 60,000 pieces of NEW IVI 300 Blackout brass. Factory stamped 300 BLK. This brass was from a very large order that was purchased by one of my industry partners from General Dynamics. They fulfilled their contract and they have asked for my help to sell the extra brass.

    I am seeing who is interested as I want at least 30,000 spoken for before I take this on.

    Because this is factory new brass, and is a fixed quantity, there will be no additional 2% included as it is exactly 60,000 that I have available. So 1,000 = 1,000 pieces exactly

    Due to the nature of this there will only be intervals of 1,000 offered and there is no price beaks for quantity, as this is way cheaper then anything else available.

    $175 per 1,000 pieces plus shipping and taxes.

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    Terms of conducting business with Black Sheep Brass - This is here to ensure the transaction goes smooth and everyone is satisfied.

    • I do not sell fractional amounts, if you want a smaller quantity than listed, I will refer you to a retailer that carries my product
    • I aim to be a really reasonable person. I try to treat everyone I deal with in a professional and polite manner.
    • Please just don't waste my time, and I won't waste yours
    • If you blatantly ignore the below policies, I will not do business with you.
    • No pickups at or tours of the shop are permitted.


    • Cash
    • EMT
    • Money order or bank draft
    • Canada Post COD (+ $7.00 fee)
    • Credit Card
      • As a small business I incur a fairly large expense to process credit card payment, hence;
        • $250 total including taxes or less, there will be no service charge
        • $500 total including taxes or less will incur a 1.5% service charge
        • Greater than $500 will incur a 3% service charge.

    Pricing, Invoicing and Sales Tax:

    • I don't accept offers
    • I try to set my prices according to my costs
    • I have to charge HST or GST. Don't ask me not to charge it.
    • When I send you the invoice please ensure the shipping and billing address is correct. I ship based on the address on the invoice.


    • I do not accept trades on brass.
    • I buy my brass by the truckload from commercial ranges, by the pound.
    • I do not purchase brass from consumers

    Shipping Options:

    • Please send me your postal code and I will provide you with a quote. All shipping will be quoted with proper insurance. I charge what I pay for shipping & materials.
    • No pickups at the shop. This is an insurance issue as I cannot have people without proper PPE and safety training in the shop. (Again I am not a retailer, I am a wholesaler/manufacturer)

    Military Discount:

    • Military Veterans, and active service members: Reg F, P Res A/B/C, are entitled to a discount when purchasing directly from me (on most items - not this one)
    • You will have to provide proof of service. NDI 10, 20, 75 or I will ask you some simple questions.
    • I have had some imposters before, just so you know it is actually a criminal offence in Canada to impersonate. I will be making a phone call to the RCMP to report any suspected imposters.

    Returns & Exchange

    • If you want to return or exchange something, you have 30 days to get it back to me at your expense from the date you received.
    • You need a reasonable (to me) reason to return or exchange something. IE: non-cosmetic defect rate above 2% extra issued, I sent you the wrong calibre
    • If the product is marked "mixed headstamp" and you want to return it because you do not like the makeup of the headstamps, I will not accept a return on it. If you ask, I will give you an approximate makeup prior to shipping

    Technical Support
    • I am willing to provide you with some over the phone technical support on how to load my processed brass efficiently.
    • I do not recommend calibrating your machines as then your machine setup will not perform well on anything but processed brass.
    • I do not recommend learning how to reload on processed brass you will not know how to reload properly if you take this route.
    • Anything outside this will that consumes my time unnecessarily will be billed at my shop rate of $180 per hour plus taxes.

    Tire Kickers

    • I will go out of my way to be of assistance to you, however, if you are not respectful of my time I will not do business with you.
    • If you offer $### shipped, that is a waste of time. You will get the standard response of me declining it.
    • Requesting multiple quotes for slightly different amounts of the same things is something that consumes a large amount of time, so here is a quick cheat sheet:
      • The lower the quantity of an item you buy, the more per unit you will pay.
      • Unless I have a fractional amount listed I will not sell smaller quantities
      • Shipping costs don't change in direct correlation with how much you buy
        • If you ship 100 cases it is probably not much cheaper than shipping 1,000.

    Communications Policy:

    • I require an email address minimum. The most efficient way for me to communicate with you is via email or phone.
    • If you endlessly CGN message me but will not communicate with me via email or phone, it tells me you are not serious.
    • Once our transaction is complete, you won't receive unsolicited communications from me. I won't sell or rent your information. I can even delete your information if you so desire.
      • The only exception to this is if you buy something particular or ask for something and it shows up I will send you an email offering it up.

    Liability Waiver:

    • Reloading is done at your own risk. We are not liable for any possible personal injury, property damage or damage to firearms resulting from the unsafe handling of firearms or improper reloading techniques.
    • The end user is responsible for the final inspection prior to loading the brass and discharging the assembled ammunition. This includes ensuring that brass has the correct headstamp for the ammunition being loaded.
    • You may find the occasional case with a crack, dented, minor staining, damaged mouth, off head-stamp or defect incurred while processing.

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    Wow. That's an awesome price! E-mail sent.
    It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

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    Yes, no one is really making money on this. I am covering my handling expense and helping my industry partner get his money back on the components. This is a probably one off opportunity to get this brass in these quantities. He still has the brass, and I won't take it from him until at least half of it is spoken for.

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    at this price it is not worth the time to convert your own brass

    thinking this is debure and load

    email sent

    question is 1k or 2k

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    I am at about 15,000 pieces spoken for. If you are interested, don't be shy as who knows if or when anything like this will ever come up again. Especially at this price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackSheepBrass View Post
    I am at about 15,000 pieces spoken for. If you are interested, don't be shy as who knows if or when anything like this will ever come up again. Especially at this price.
    I emailed, never got a response? I assume I’m in?

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    I guess you got missed, standby

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    I am in for 1000 Brian. PM'd you.

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    I would be in for 1000 as well.

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    2000 for me please.

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