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Thread: New Range Gun...BCL 102 MK 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterhenderson View Post
    Im own a second gen BCL102, it had a few bugs and wouldnt feed and would jam a lot, i emailed BCL and they sent me parts for three different upgrades, I did them all and re range tested the gun, It runs absolutely perfectly every round and every magazine, the gun is perfect now, well done guys!!!
    The Gen2 that I have runs like a hot damn! Groups super well too! I’m very happy with mine.
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    I'm glad to see good comments, as I haven't read many (unsatisfied customers might be more prone to talk abou it ;-) ).

    I was looking at getting a BCL while I was still waiting for my PAL a few years ago. Looking at it again as I want a semi-auto NR .308 for mid/long range shooting (100 v and up).

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    How many rounds are through the BCL MK7 now guys?

    Any issues to note?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Jesus. Your BCL Mk.7 has Covid? Do you guys think it was the diet of the German ammo? Wishing it gets well soon...
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