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Thread: The Musings of a Wolverine. November Edition

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    The Malibu speedboat for sale less than half its value is a popular scam too. They even link you to a fake shipping website. Very slick. My brother in law got burned for 14k.

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    I really enjoy this and when the new edition shows up I always do not click right away but save it to the next early morning to read it. Please keep writing!

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    tell me more about the fg42....

    i had the opportunity to hold a Japanese made replica at a show once and was surprised at how light and well made it was.
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    I got burned on a North Face McMurdo parka on eBay once.

    Seller sent a fake and refused to refund me after going back and forth via email for weeks.
    A little digging and IP tracing and I located him at a University in Montreal. So I set up an entire webpage dedicated to ratting him out, (social media was just getting started then…) and contacted an acquaintance at CBC. He sent a camera man and journalist to the kids dorm room.
    Turns out there was a big scam going on where EBay crooks were paying international students a percentage to use there clean EBay ID’s to fence fake Chinese crap.

    The camera did the trick. I got my money back with an apology and he begged me to leave him alone….
    I like to think I know enough to know when I don’t know enough….

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    I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I'm worried the method at which the crook got you your money, was doing the same deed to another. Regardless, Id feel better with the money back in my hands as well... And doughnuts!

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    Construction worker does work but builder says the old company is bankrupt so no money. This is his NEW company so not his problem.
    Worker calls 1% biker dude, worker get money less fee.

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    Sounds like the "tale" I tell re my first wife … also from S. America … never did get the money back . "They" did send a substitute though, she was my second wife . Internet was no help with that . Now my third wife I found on the Internet , so I guess it all evens out , less the donuts.

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    Cool story. Funny thing is I bought my BD42 (copy of the FG42) from you. Did you evert keep one for yourself?
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