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Thread: Ruger Wranglers in Stock - Great Inexpensive Single Action .22

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    Ruger Wranglers in Stock - Great Inexpensive Single Action .22

    We received four of these, two in black cerakote and two in silver cerakote - but the silvers sold quickly!

    These are great single action .22 revolvers if you are like our staff who like to bring new people to the range for the purpose of education regarding our Canadian firearm regulations. For those who are hesitant to try larger calibres, these revolvers offer the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the sport without the intimidation factor some experience. Or, they're a great little plinker for you to add to your own collection!

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    Can you confirm these aren't made of sintered metal?
    ok boomer.

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    Says it has a hammer forged barrel and aluminum alloy frame. The cerakote finish instead of bluing would lead me to believe it might be sintered metal.
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