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Thread: Shorted 300 rounds of ammo on my order what the?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian46 View Post
    Why does one have to call? If a store does business online for everyone to see, what is wrong with a customer asking for a problem with their order be dealt with in the same fashion?

    People shop online to avoid having to pick up the phone, customers will shop somewhere else if the company can not deal with issues online as well.
    If you don't want to actually speak with a human, fine. Why not send them an email rather than complaining to the world in a public forum?
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    For retailers that are not marking their ammos when shipping is in direct violation of TDG with Transport Canada. We shipped back well over thousands of Takata air bags back and it has to marked on all 4 sides with a 4"x4" diamond label. Otherwise the T-force ( Canpar) driver screams at me with dismay and takes off.

    If you want discrection, go pick up your ammo at your local gun shop, otherwise when a shipping carrier is involved it has to be marked as such because it could be sitting next to a tank of sulfuric acid inside the semi. If things goes wrong, the firefighters need to know whats in there.
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    well sounds like your getting taking care of. i like the courtesy email or call first.

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    This thread ‘post rampart reply’ reminds me of a joke comparing arguing over the internet and competing in the special olympics.
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    If I was running a business I would of preferred a call or email directly before going to public forums. Mistakes happen. Is what it is. I'm sure the company would of been more than welcoming to try to fix the situation

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    If you haven’t had ammo shipped that is marked as ammo, you don’t order much ammo. Most of mine is just the case with a shipping label on it. Who cares?
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    The business can reopen if they wish.

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