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Thread: Can anyone confirm please

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    Can anyone confirm please

    Looking for confirmation on these mags functionality in the cz75 shadow Canadian edition I have.....I assume by the description they should but pretty pricey and import on an assumption .....anyone!
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    Yes. They are designed for the CZ75 so they will work.
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    Any reason you want those mags specifically? They seem expensive for a pistol mag?
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    Mags for full sized CZ 75 will work for the regular CZ 75/85, Shadow 1 and 2 (AFAIK). Also, mags for Jericho 941, Tanfoglios will fit into the CZ 75/85 series pistols. I believe, Tanfo mags are better built than OEM CZ mags. Another cheaper option will be Mec Gar mags (all steel) as the CZ mags has plastic base. With Mec gar, you can use some base pads specially if you are shooting competitively.

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