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Thread: Letter Writing Campaigns and The CCFR

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    Letter Writing Campaigns and The CCFR

    Honestly I could try and put my owns words here but Tracey hit the nail on the head with the below statement. It is imperative that we act as a whole on this, it has been done time and time again and we need to continue our efforts. Every staff member here at Wolverine will be writing these letters this week. Everyone needs to do our part.

    "I want you to go over to your gun safe or gun room and open the door. Look at each rifle and think about what they mean to you, the memories youíve created with them and the adventures youíve been on together. How important is your sport and way of life to you? What is it worth to you, and how much would you do to try and save them.

    This ďCall to ActionĒ will require the following things from you;

    - 3 sheets of paper
    - 3 envelopes
    - a pen
    - 15 minutes of your time

    If the collection you just looked at matters enough to continue, please read on.

    These are troubled times for gun owners, without doubt. It is exhausting having to fight back against the unrelenting waves of attacks on our sport and our way of life. Thatís not going to stop any time soon, and this is just the first in a series of ďCalls to ActionĒ we will bring to you over the coming weeks and months. Itís going to require an enormous effort, by all of us, to defend ourselves the best we can.

    All hands on deck.

    Letter writing Ö I know, youíve done it many times before right? Thatís ok, this time we are doing it together. We are writing actual letters, on paper, and mailing it to certain officials. You can handwrite it, or type it, or even make one and photocopy it to send to the others, but the most important part is to do it, faithfully. It is even more important they are paper letters and weíll explain why further down.

    Hereís everything you need to know to guide you in writing a letter of this kind.

    Letís focus on 5 main points of contention with the proposed Liberal gun control platform;

    The Liberal Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair has expressed his intention of banning hundreds of thousands of legally acquired rifles through an OIC (Order in Council) rather than legislative measures that would allow a full study of the issue
    The proposed buy back plan would cost upwards of $600M of taxpayer money that would be better focused on combatting actual crime and domestic violence
    The proposed gun bans wonít relieve criminals of their illicit firearms
    The use of an OIC ignores the Governmentís own survey on firearms completed last year that indicated the majority of respondents did not support further restrictions on firearms
    The Liberal government failed to achieve any clear mandate from western voters. Forcibly confiscating the legally acquired property from sport shooters, hunters, ranchers and rural people will only further accelerate the erosion of national unity.
    Use these main points of contention to help form a short, concise paragraph that outlines your concerns. Here is an example I wrote;

    Dear Minister Blair;

    I am writing to you today to express my deep concern with actions your government is taking to unfairly target lawful gun owners. You have stated publicly that you would be using an OIC to ban legally acquired firearms from lawful owners and would be implementing a buy back program. I find these measures to be an egregious overreach of executive authority and a waste of valuable taxpayer resources. I urge your government to reconsider investing this money in programs and measures to combat crime, support at risk youth initiatives and community programming. It is incumbent on you and your colleagues to make every legitimate effort to fight actual crime and to bring forth your ideas to the Commons where it may be studied and debated by all Members of Parliament. It is imperative you keep in mind that western Canada fully rejected the policies and platforms of your government and overall Liberal support was greatly diminished.

    Yours Truly,
    Tracey Wilson
    Ottawa, ON

    Now repeat these steps to write two more at minimum, one to the Prime Minister and one to your Member of Parliament. Address them all to the same address, but use their names. NO STAMP IS REQUIRED!!

    There are two vitally important things to remember about this call to action:

    It has to be a paper letter, not an email or a social media message
    It has to be done prior to January 27, 2020

    The House of Commons will rise today (December 13) and will not resume until Monday, January 27, 2020. This is the annual Christmas break where MPís head back to their ridings to partake in festivities and events with their constituents and families. We want them to come back to an actual mountain of letters. Itís too easy to simply delete e-mails, but they canít ignore stacks and stacks of papers that require a response. Itís going to be a lot of work for them, but only a small task for you.

    This is simply the first step in a series of Calls to Action we will be asking you to help with. If each of them receive 10 000 letters thatís only 0.5% of gun owners. Letís create an avalanche of opposition to their overreach and authoritarianism.

    If you need any help, or have any questions, please donít hesitate to reach to our team at

    Please, please take the time over the holidays and sit down and do this simple but meaningful task.

    Thanks for reading and your continued support of the CCFR"
    - .303
    Phone: (204) 748-2454

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    Every business needs to share this as well...

    The Shooting Edge, Target Sports Canada, William Evans

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSE JR View Post
    Every business needs to share this as well...
    I have hit our FB crowd moments ago with it, It may be worth doing a tagged post to circulate, excellent idea sir.
    - .303
    Phone: (204) 748-2454

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    The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada,
    The Honourable Bill Blair

    Dear Mr Trudeau and Mr. Blair:

    On December 13, 2019, Toronto Police announced the results of “Project Community Space”, a $4.5 million initiative:

    ‘Superintendent Steve Watts of Organized Crime Enforcement provided the results on behalf of Chief Mark Saunders.

    ‘“The project was successful, and our specialized approach allowed officers to make hundreds of arrests, lay over 1,145 charges and seize just under 250 guns, taking them off the streets, and out of reach of those who use them for criminal activity.”

    ‘He continued, “Of the 463 arrests, 97 people were out on firearm-related bails. Sixteen of those individuals were charged with a new gun-related offence as well as other charges, and the remaining charges included many violent offences, including robbery, forcible confinement, assault and sexual assault,” he said. ‘

    …Or, the same $4.5 million might have ‘bought back’ 1875 legally owned “military style” rifles from law abiding, licensed, Canadian gun owners, based on your government’s “buy back” cost projections

    Which makes Toronto- and Canada- safer?

    We don’t have infinite resources. Let’s use them wisely.

    Yours truly,


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    lets get it going.

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    Well put. It's whether they care to listen or not. I'll be sending some letters.

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    I'm all over it. Thanks for the post.
    CCFR Business Member

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    I like to think I know enough to know when I donít know enoughÖ.

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    Just mailed mine.
    CSSA/CCFR Member ē An unjust law, is no law at all.Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Elie Wiesel

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