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Thread: Petition e-2341: Demand Democratic Process on Liberals' Firearms Agenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by trapoholic View Post
    You may want to delete or edit that post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponymusic View Post
    You may want to delete or edit that post.
    Edited it. Forgot everybody is a snowflake these days.
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    Don't hold your breath. They haven't brought up the "one hand opening knives" topic in over 2 years, which had over 30,000 sigs. Here we are 2 years later while many businesses and knife users are still suffering. They will likely push a ban through before bringing up this petition, as they are by-passing tabling the Bill in the house. That's what the petition was about, to demand democratic process on the bill, it does not mean the Feds now actually have to do that. The petition is basically just asking them to on behalf of 175,000 Canucks. They are under no obligation to agree to those suggested terms. We are getting a ban one way or another unless the PC's launch a non-confidence and win which is unlikely under Scheer and if we didn't make it happen because of the rail protests, what ammo will we have to do so in the future?

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    so... presented may 6, 2020...

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    Liberals need to go
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