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Thread: Sig sauer cross bolt action rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by blupul View Post
    I’m buying one in .277 soon as I can . I’ve been debating the mpr but after bartok toasted his barrel buy shooting more than one round every 5 min it was a hard no . Looking forward to this guy coming to market
    Good Call! I am glad to hear that my post regarding premature throat erosion with the MPR's Christensen Arms C-F Barrel provided you with the necessary info to make a solid decision. My MPR has since been rebarrelled with a 24" Hardy Engineering C-F Barrel from NZ. The Hardy Barrel conducts energy away from the Stainless Barrel Liner, shedding heat both outwards and downwards towards the Muzzle. In other words, it functions as advertised, and as the Christensen C-F Barrel should have worked (but instead failed miserably).

    Notwithstanding the above, the Christensen MPR's Chassis, Action, Trigger, C-F Handguard, etc, are excellent in terms of low weight, craftsmanship, fit and function. Everything about the MPR earns two big thumbs-up, except for the Christensen Arms C-F Barrel. With the Hardy Barrel installed, the overall package is once again ideally-suited for both the "Precision Rifle" and "Precision Hunting Rifle" roles. All-in with the Vortex Razor AMG 6-24X 50mm optic (but without the Atlas Bipod mounted), the MPR with Hardy Barrel weighs-in at just under 10 lbs.

    I would pit my re-vamped MPR against a SIG Cross any day now that I am back up and running, but it would be an "apples and oranges" comparison given that I now have $5K invested in the Christensen rifle versus the $2K cost of a Cross in Canada. If the Cross can meet the $2K price-point while offering turn-key sub-MOA performance, SIG will have a winner on their hands. A lightweight cross-over Precision/Hunting Rifle has been missing from the affordable line-up until now. Hopefully the Cross wil meet expectations and fulfill that requirement without having to break the bank!

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    Mark C

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    The 277 sig fury could be interesting! I played with the 6.8spc a bit but the bullet selection wasn't great. It would have to be reloadable though, they may end up with a system like the shell shock nas3 pistol cases with proprietary dies to size the steel portion. Look forward to seeing what unfolds with that

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    whose balls must I fondle for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fourthparadigm View Post
    whose balls must i fondle for this.
    "Don't confuse effort with results."

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    Looks like it might be easy enough to swap out barrels...

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    I will grab one of those but in .308. I have invested heavily in 308 (competition dies, press, bullets, powder, trimmers, neck tuners, etc.). Not to mention the time it took me to "scientifically" test each load combination for my current rifles. I feel I have perfected that round. Even after all of this, each 308 bullet I make still cost me about $1.5-2. Just the thought of starting over with another caliber depresses me :D
    Swiss Arms PE-90. Owner

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    Well this thing got me to log into CGN for the first time in quite a while 😄. Put me on the pre-order list both for the CROSS and for anything in the .277... Big fan of Sig quality.
    CSSA, CCFR & CPC member.

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    Yes we will be bringing them in, they are new and fully introduced at Shot Show. Price and delivery will be set at that time

    Quote Originally Posted by freefrom View Post
    Hi Guys

    Will you be bringing in the new sig sauer cross bolt action rifle? If so is there an eta?
    MD Charlton Co.
    Sig Sauer Master Distributor and Canadian Warranty Center

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    Quote Originally Posted by MD Charlton View Post
    Yes we will be bringing them in, they are new and fully introduced at Shot Show. Price and delivery will be set at that time
    Amazing news!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MD Charlton View Post
    Yes we will be bringing them in, they are new and fully introduced at Shot Show. Price and delivery will be set at that time
    Best news I've heard in a while... Will have to start pinching pennies, or nickels now i guess.

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