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Thread: Sig sauer cross bolt action rifle

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    Glad to hear that Bartok. I hope to get my hands on a 308 version in the next couple years for a combo hunting/hobby precision rig. This is the rifle I've been waiting for for a long time, and of course it had to come right when we buy our second house and have a baby on the way... First world problems...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartok5 View Post
    Well, I decided to take the plunge on a black 6.5CM instead of waiting for who knows how long before the "Cypher" Camo versions come to the Canadian market. I took a look at Gunbroker and found it interesting that there are literally NO camo versions of the Cross rifle for sale on the aucion site. Makes me wonder if they are even in production? Who knows, and the answer is now irrelevant to me...

    Based on everything other than live-firing for accuracy, I am very impressed with the Cross thus far. My closest direct-comparable is a Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle (MPR) rebarrelled with a Hardy Engineering Carbon-Fibre-wrapped Barrel in 6.5 CM. The weight savings that the MPR achieves with its carbon-fibre Barrel and Handguard are obtained on the Cross by using a shorter Barrel and a unique integrated Receiver system (rather than a separate Receiver and Chassis). Other than that, the two rifles are very similar in overall design and intent. When all is said and done, Accuracy aside (yet to be determined), I find the SIG shorter and handier with a very ergonomic Bolt-Handle design and an AR-style Safety Switch. The SIG also features truly tool-less adjustment of the Buttstock LOP, Comb Height, Recoil Pad Height and Angle, whereas the MPR requires a screwdriver to "set and forget" the adjustments for a single shooter. Both rifles feature a very slick bolt-throw, although I prefer the SIG Bolt-Handle design over the MPR's more conventional straight profile. The Christensen MPR features an excellent adjustable trigger which results in a somewhat lighter and crisper let-off than the SIG's adjustable trigger is able to muster. Still, the Cross's Trigger design (with its finger-index engraving) and function are realy quite good and befitting of a precision Hunting rifle. Both folding buttstocks lock up tighty with zero wobble or play, providing a rock-solid and stable arrangement.

    My set-up is as follows:

    - Vortex Razor AMG 6-24x 50mm Lightweight Scope in ATRS Low Rings with Vortex Low-Profile Level and Burris FF3 Red-Dot
    - Griffin Armament Flash-Comp
    - B+T Atlas PSR Bipod
    - Magul Vertical Foregrip
    - BCM Front Sling Attachment Point
    - ERGO Deluxe Tactical Pistol Grip

    If you were to open a mueseum of your collections, I would pay to come see it.

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    Very nice looking gun.

    Congrats on being among the first to have one.

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    Mark C

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    Very nice!

    Keep us posted on how well it shoots. 6.5CM is on my list but not sure what to buy?
    This does have the cool factor

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