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Thread: Beyond words

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    Quote Originally Posted by bush1 View Post
    I'll do the same as long as I can be sure JOHN isn't still involved in the company.
    See......HE GETS IT!!! Will be checking out your store as well!!

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    I too had a good experience with marstar v.02
    Returned an item I was unhappy with, they were great with it.
    Thanks Payam
    Punish only he who has comitted the crime

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkayShooter View Post
    Someone people will never accept and buy from Marstar again. Their name will always be tarnished, no matter who owns it. Accept that, like accepting not many like the NFA.

    Maybe they enjoy wearing thongs?
    Some people do carry a grudge 'till their grave.

    But most have short memories. Look no further than our elections.

    Continue to service your customers well and worry only about what you can control. You'll do grand.

    (Maybe stay away from Garands).

    All the best in 2020.
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    need a m1919 barrel for this stuff

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    After all the John insults, superiority, lack of courtesy, customer support, or manners. The new owners have a uphill battle.

    Then there are.the people who he sold bubba'd, garands. I completely understand backlash to a company that sold a product that could have maimed or killed.

    Perhaps the OP is related?
    A free society must outlaw harming innocent people to function, but when we seek to curtail what all of us can do, rather than holding each of us responsible for what we actually do, we give up on freedom itself.

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    I'll chime in on my experience with marstar, about 8 months ago I emailed Marstar asking about there inventory on a particular accessory on Saturday morning and received a reply a few hours later. I was blown away with there willingness to reply to an email on there day off. Needless to say I ordered what I was asking for from them.

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