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Hornady Training Ammunition 223 Rem., 55 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail 9754EL - 50 Rounds


Hornady® Training™ ammunition provides a cost effective alternative to the standard TAP® loads for tactical training. Loaded with Hornady® bullets and proven propellants coupled with a high quality coated steel case and berdan primer, Hornady® Training™ ammunition is designed to deliver point of aim/point of impact consistency when compared to comparable TAP® offerings. Hornady® Training™ Ammunition - an economical, high quality solution for Law Enforcement training.

Caliber: 223 Remington

Ballistic Coefficient: .243
Sectional Density: .157
Bullet Length: .735”
Recommended Rifling Twist Rate: 1:7” to 1:12”
Characteristics: Boat tail full metal jacket with cannelure

Powder: Temperature stable with flash retardant
Primer: Small rifle, Berdan primed
Case: Quality Coated Steel; Manufacturer`s Name (HMC) and Caliber Designation (223 REM) imprinted on case head

Box of 50