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Thread: Kodiak Defense WK180-C in 5.56 NATO, 18.7in In Store Now!

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    Kodiak Defense WK180-C in 5.56 NATO, 18.7in In Store Now!

    Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the WK180-C is an accurate, well-made semi-auto rifle. Suitable for range work or hunting, the WK180-C is a relatively cheap pickup for $1099.99 for what you're getting. Features a free-floating handguard with MLOK on the sides and bottom and a full length Picatinny top.

    Click here to view the WK180-C

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    Are these any good?

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    Ask Wolverine me personally do not want to own one

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    this rifle catches a bit of flak, but if you buy it for what it is, a complete NR rifle in 5.56 the uses AR mags for about a 1100$, it is actually pretty good. Perhaps it is a gamble as some people have had a negative experience with them, but I have had one for a year and half and I am pleased with mine. It is no XCR or Tavor but it is a 1099$ rifle. I have more expensive rifle like Daniel Defence and Colt Canada which are awesome, but the WK180C has its place.

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