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Thread: Analysis of the Public Safety Minister's Comments

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    Analysis of the Public Safety Minister's Comments

    A bit of an analysis from statements made yesterday by the Minister of Public Safety.

    The current government knows that what it talks about and what it can accomplish are two different things. Parliamentary process takes time.

    Can the government undemocratically prohibit your lawfully-acquired property and cease your ability to take it to the range? We won't deny that it can. That ability exists in the ways our laws are currently written. But, it's still your property and will need to be reflected as such by a 12(x) designation on your license (more taxpayer money wasted - yay). What are the chances of that occurring? We don't know.

    But, they also admit that any program of confiscation with compensation will take time. That's time they don't have in a minority government situation, especially with more important matters to discuss within Parliament.

    So...three things we can do, right now.

    1. Make it expensive - If you don't own a restricted one if you can. The more that are on the records, the higher the cost to disclose to Parliament if/when a Bill is presented.

    2. Gear up for the next election - Most Electoral District Associations are holding their Annual General Meetings soon. Join one. We suggest that there's no time for division on this, but, also recognize that some have very strong feelings on what party suits their personal ideology best. So...we'll provide info on all. Once you are elected to a Board of Directors, join the Policy Committee. Policy Conventions are being held this year for at least two out of the three main parties.

    Conservative Party of Canada EDA Information

    Liberal Party of Canada EDA Information

    New Democratic Party of Canada Volunteer Information - we couldn't find info regarding NDP EDAs.

    If you're not willing to join a Board of Directors - VOLUNTEER. Campaigns require boots on the ground.

    Keep a close eye on certain leadership races happening this year. Membership will be required to vote in it. Support a leader who supports our sport.

    3. SUPPORT ALL LICENSED FIREARM OWNERS and take those who have never experienced The Canadian Shooting Sports to the range for the purpose of education. Hunters, Recreational Target Shooters and Competitive Target Shooters have to be on the same page going forward. There's no time for division.

    We'll also add...join the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights and the CSSA - The Canadian Shooting Sports Association to support broader efforts...but do get involved at the grassroots level where real change can take place.

    And...of course, sign Petition e-2341 and distribute it to everyone you know and continue to write letters to those we have elected to be our voices in Parliament.

    And finally...STOP PANICKING! The constant dissemination of negative articles and speculation is hurting The Canadian Firearm Industry through consumer anxiety. That will lead to fewer in The Canadian Firearm Industry pushing back for you.

    Enjoy your sport. Purchase what you want. Pivot to the positive and get ready to meet negativity if/when it happens. Be proactive and get involved and not reactive and waiting for it.

    We at Select Shooting Supplies are here to support you and your sport, however we can.
    Select Shooting Supplies
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    (519) 219-4867

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phat Eagle View Post
    Great Post! Well said!!

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    The Dos Equis man can go back to sleep. I am back now on my new avatar.

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    Great post.
    *Western Independence*

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    Thanks for all you do.

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    Are you kidding my shopping list has never been longer

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    Great post

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    A little sanity for uncertain times, well said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phat Eagle View Post
    Better a thousandfold abuse of free speech than
    denial of free speech.

    Charles Bradlaugh

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