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Thread: Citizen Armor Wolverine Supplies Exclusive

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    Citizen Armor Wolverine Supplies Exclusive

    Citizen Armor equips responsible citizens with innovative ballistic armor. “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined” - G. Washington

    Check out Wolverine's line up of personal armor from Citizen Armor right here! From discrete Level IIIA to fully armored Quick Deploy backpacks, we have it all in stock and ready to rock. As always:

    You can E-mail us at:

    You can Call us at: 204-748-2454

    You can send at letter to: Box 729 , #1 River Valley Road, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0 , Canada

    You can send a messenger to : Lattitude#49.89617 | Longitude -100.85384 NE ¼ 5-11-25

    Link to the Website -->


    Body Armor regulations may vary by province. Please check your provincial regulations prior to purchasing this item.
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    Phone: (204) 748-2454

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    Hello Wolverine Supplies, I was curious what chest size the large Citizen Armor T-Shield would cover. TY.
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