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Thread: Type A magazines made by Cross Industries?

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    Type A magazines made by Cross Industries?

    Manual action firearms have no magazine limit in Canada. Both Spectre Ballistics and Maple Ridge Armoury are producing receivers for modular manual action firearms. They were built to allow the use of parts from now prohibited semi-automatic rifles. They currently have .223 receivers in production, with .308 to come later. To maintain maximum compatibility, they have used STANAG compatible magazine wells in the design, but this limits the magazine to five rounds for rifle magazines, or 10 rounds if pistol magazines are used.

    Both manufactures have stated they would be interested in producing lowers that would use a proprietary magazine, so the magazine size would no longer be limited.

    There exists manual action firearms that use the STANAG incompatible magwell of Type A, including the Remington 700 and Howa 1500. Promag has 30 round .223 and 20 round 308 magazines available.

    In concert with the existing international Remington 700 market, if Spectre, MRA, or both agreed to make a lower that would take Type A magazines instead of Stanag magazines, and especially if they agreed to bundle a Type A mag manufactured by Cross Industries with their lower, would it be feasible for Cross Industries to produce .223 and .308 magazines in 20 or more round capacities, given your R&D and production capacity? Thanks!

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    While we won't say it is impossible to justify, it will be very difficult.

    The Canadian market on it's own is too small to justify the R&D and Tooling to produce such a magazine. If a large an international market opened up, it would be more viable.

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