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Thread: Cross Industries 10/10 Mag!

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    Cool Cross Industries 10/10 Mag!

    Just received our first shipment of Cross Industry 10/10 Mag!

    Link to Purchase

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    With 4 different ways to configure the CROSS MAG™, Cross Industries has delivered every possible way for you to enjoy your 10+10 rounds.

    -No additional tools required to reconfigure
    -Integrated angle makes it possible to have the 2 major configurations, curved and straight
    -Bi-directional floorplates allow another 2 possible configurations

    Designed to perform in the frigid north, Cross Industries polymer is a new to market material that is specially formulated for cold weather impact resistance. Its unique properties allow virtually no change in mechanical properties from 73f/20c to -22f/-30c, whereas most polymer materials used for magazines have between .125-.25 the strength at -22f/-30c compared to room temperature. This gives on average 3-8x better impact resistance than competitive materials at -22f/-30c.

    Caliber: 5.56/.223

    Capacity: 10 Rounds

    Link to Purchase

    Link to Purchase
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    Thank you, Wanstalls! We are thrilled you are among the first carrying our mags!!!

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    been looking forward to these!

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    Just tried out 6x (3 sets) with dummy rounds last night, in a Colt Canada IUR.
    They each hold 10 rds comfortably, with a bit of wiggle room at 10 - call it 10.5?

    - Fully seat, bolt open
    - Fully seat, bolt closed
    - Feed from engaging bolt release
    - Feed from racking the action
    - Action locks open when empty
    - Drop free

    Plus I tested the various configurations - they do lock together in 4 different orientations as promised.

    I'll be interested to see how that holds up long-term, but I suspect that once people have them the way they want, they'll leave them like that.
    Stand by for range report.
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