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Thread: IRUNGUNS and Rock Island Auctions bring you over 11200 GUNS The largest auction ever

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    Wow! So much want!

    Those estimated prices are waaaaaay low from what I can tell even if it is in US funds!

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    Yes, it is 200.00 Canadian per firearm and each firearm is 25.00 Canadian flat rate shipping to Canada. GST of 5% and Canadian shipping apply. If the firearms are bought in a single lot we will ship them in all together in Canada so there will be one shipping charge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ced1942 View Post
    So 200 per firearms, for like this lot for example im looking at 1200 CAD only for the import fee???

    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

    The IRUNGUNS Team

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    Is this still working for future auctions? I missed the Feb 16th one, interested in March 4 online auction.

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