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Thread: Meprolight NYX-200 Series Lightweight Uncooled Multispectral Thermal Weapon Sight

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    Exclamation Meprolight NYX-200 Series Lightweight Uncooled Multispectral Thermal Weapon Sight

    MSRP - Starting at $14,999.99.

    The MEPRO NYX-200 is an innovative, highly reliable and lightweight multispectral weapon sight or a hand-held device available in multiple configurations. With high resolution 640x480, 17μ thermal core and high resolution 640x480 day/night digital camera it provides supreme image quality and enable shooters to detect targets in total darkness necessary for making precise, faster target engagement.

    Advanced power saving capabilities based assures 8 hours of consecutive work with only 4 commercial Lithium batteries. With user experience in mind, the unique ergonomic design, friendly keypad and unique icon based menus enable intuitive and easy operation under all hunting and shooting scenarios. The MEPRO NYX-200 was designed to be dual use as a weapon sight and for handheld observations as the users can quickly switch between modes.

    MEPRO NYX-200 is designed and manufactured to the severest military standards (MIL-810), to assure years of reliable operation under all field and environment conditions.

    Proven advantages:
    • Multispectral sight for maximum view at any darkness level, any environment 24/7
    • Highly robust and reliable. Comply with MIL STD 810
    • Integrated IR pointer for covert operations
    • Long operation time based on 4 commercial AA batteries

    NYX-200 solves limitations of thermal only sights.
    • The digital day/night camera enables:
    o Viewing through windows,
    o Face recognition,
    o Natural view for better environment observations especially while walking,
    o Viewing car lights from afar

    Stocking Dealers:
    - Kelly's Online
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