Well things are not looking good for any Covid19 news and our PR matches on Base Petawawa. I guess that’s not going to be much of any news to many of you.

On the brighter side, I’ve been shooting my latest addition (rimfire) to my stable from Grey Birch Solutions

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I replaced my Ruger 10/22 receiver, and the factory barrel for the GBS receiver and carbon fibre barrel.....

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Yes, that’s a 12” barrel and it’s threaded 1/2 x 28 from the factory. It prints CCI SV clustering the black patch at 50 yards. Not always a 1/2” gun at 50 yards, but dancing around in and slightly outside the black patch. You PR shooters of mine from Bravo Range are intimately familiar with the size of the “black patch”.

In conclusion: it prints exactly like my CZ455 Synthetic, dancing around the 3/4” bingo dabber red dot

Yesterday we were doing a training session for the GBS Crew along with the Code of Arms Media Group folks....

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Many of you will recognize the mat, the optics, the tall tripod, the wind tape from Bravo Range.

Yes, it’s suppressed and none of us wore any ear pro on the firing line or on the range....

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We had 4 of the Grey Birch Solutions rigs.... 3 others were set up with red dots and 12” barrels for CQB running and gunning... .all in Magpul X22 stocks. All great fun....

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And yes, I’m back on Youtube once again, but with Cory and Doug of Code of Arms. I did spend a few video appearances with Funker Tactical back in the day.

Here’s a group or the first group we shot at my steel “Huns Head” figure 14 (JR Targets... thanks so much); 200 yards with RWS 50 ammo.

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Get out and train.... even with the Pandemic... Just social distance at your home gun clubs ... but get off the keyboard and get training

Cheers, Barney