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Thread: Equipmet Exchange Upcoming Change - Prefix

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertn View Post
    If only sellers will use it....

    Still sellers out there with 100+ trader rating not changing the pre-fix but only typing pls remove in title or add body..
    We need that like button so I can like this. It's f#$king infuriating searching for a particular part or rifle, and sifting through 10 pages of items that sold two years ago. These numpties had to read the EE rules to gain access, so apparently this forum is full of illiterates
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    This is a good move. Further to this, what would REALLY help if is people actually use this designation as opposed to just putting sold in manually. Happens a lot and can get to be a PITA as those ads aren't quickly identifiable when sorting through search results. So please everyone, be sure to use the Sold/Expired designation and not just type in sold. Cheers!

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    It would be nice if there was a price column for posters to put their price in. Then we could search what we are looking for and then sort by price. That would be amazing, don't shoot me.
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