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Thread: The Fix by Q!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabejohnwick View Post
    Any chance the mini Fix is coming to Canada?
    Would be nice, need to pin the stock to keep it non restricted, but open up the bolt face and ream the chamber out to 30 AR and it would be an awesome little deer rifle
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    So.. its a $5k manual ar10

    Thats not a revolutionary change..

    It looks nice though!

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    Question True?

    Quote Originally Posted by onetwentyish View Post
    We need you to look at both bringing in normal folding stock variants that fall just over 26 in folded (the current ones listed at 25.9" oal will be deemed R), and fixed stock sbr versions that fit nicely into the NR status due to the lack of folding stock.
    Would this be restricted because with the stock folding over the bolt I don't know if this would still be considered "Firearms designed or adapted to be fired when reduced to a length of less than 660 mm by folding, telescoping or otherwise"? I would think that is not designed or adapted to be fired by folding. It might be a gray area considering that it might still be capable of firing once, then would need to unfold, cycle the action, and then fold again.

    What are your thoughts?



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    "The Fix by Q is the biggest step forward in bolt-action rifle innovation since 1962"

    Uhhhh i think straight pull rifles can make this claim.

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    Straight pull is hardly an innovation..Ross...Steyr M95....Schimdt Rubin

    For $5k plus there are other precision rifles I would rather have. By the time you add glass, bipod etc you are looking at an $8k plus trip to the range

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    5K for an bolt action AR
    A golf course is a sad misuse of a perfectly good rifle range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anees View Post
    5K for an bolt action AR
    Not quite...... Also old thread. Please see new thread.
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