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Thread: Availability of Kimber Rapide Black Ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by padawan View Post
    While I understand that completely, all the Korth Group keeps saying is “place an order, place an order” well, the dealers don’t have pricing and Korth won’t provide a price.....I’m sure as hell not putting a dime down on a firearm without even a ballpark figure provided.
    With you on that. I just told my Kimber dealer to keep my name on the list. He doesn't require any $$ down, and if he did, I would ask that it be refundable if the price doesn't work for me.

    Either way, this is a sweet looking rig. But expect to pay more than the 2019 prices...a lot more.

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    It is nice though!

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    Great looking gun but why the French name?

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