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Thread: WS-MCR Fieldstrip and Maintenance

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Silencer View Post
    Didn't know they are still selling these. Do any retailers even have them?
    They get a shipment of them every week or two, some of which they rapidly sell directly, and some of which they forward to partner dealers. They suggest you keep an eye at your local dealer, as they could have a copy arrive in the mail at random times.

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    Will you guys be selling parts kits for these?

    Save me from having to buy two more, haha!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine .303 View Post
    Not all handguards have them, we allocate hand guards from multiple sources to make sure we can get guns completed and proceeded into the hands of end users. There is a couple hundred I believe that have this spacer on them, the remainder do not.

    I ended up with a rifle that has this spacer. Is is possible to send the handguard to Spectre and receive back one not needing this spacer?
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    Is there is any specific reason the design was changed from 3 hex screws to 2 to hold the handguard in place? Also wondering the same as mentioned above, if a spacer was used do we have any options to get it swapped for a proper fitting handguard?
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    Anyone know if there is an upgrade bolt catch/release available or coming? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by macdonda View Post
    Anyone know if there is an upgrade bolt catch/release available or coming? Thanks
    This would be great. Is it possible for the MCR to have a bad type lever?
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