Due to all this COVID / Coronavirus mess, the dollar is taking a real kicking.

Anything coming from Europe or the US is going up in price as the Euro and US Dollar beat the poor old Canadian Dollar into submission.

We have a fair bit of Tanfoglio in stock that arrived before the dollar took a downturn. They will remain at pre-COVID pricing until sold out.

I'm going to post videos and highlights across our group here so let people know about them before the next shipment comes in with the increased prices.

This is Tanfoglio's Limited Custom Line of Pistols.

The Limited Custom in Hard Chrome Finish:
Pre-COVID priced at $2299.


The Limited Custom in Black Ceracoate Finish:
Pre-COVID priced at $2299.


The Limited Custom Extreme in Black Cerecoate finish.
Pre-COVID priced at $2969.


And the Limited Custom Polymer
Pre-COVID pricing at $1577.99


And a Video to explain and show them all off.