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Thread: price for a stock 10/22 trigger group?

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    price for a stock 10/22 trigger group?

    I see that your tuf-22 rifles ship with a standard trigger group. You offer an upgrade for $85 to the BX-15, or a separate purchase price of $135. You do not offer them for sale explicitly, but from these two prices can I assume they can be had for around $50?

    To make a short story long, I bought a stock 10/22 carbine online for cheap... While waiting for it to get here I went shopping for mags, which I bought from your site. Then, while waiting for them and surfing around your site some more, I decided to buy one of your nice Bull Barrels as an upgrade.... well, at this point I started reading around and looking at your beefy new receivers that take hi-cap mags.... yadda yadda yadda a week later and I am now about $1300 into this custom Dlask SS Bull Barrel project, and the original Ruger rifle is up for sale before it has even been delivered

    I have ordered everything I need for a complete rifle from you (I hope)... but I would like a stock trigger group to fiddle with, and not mess around with the BX-15.
    ALSO.. where can I get me a nice rear tang hold down? I was thinking about modding the Hogue stock to use one for stability. I think they come with MDT chassis but do you make these as well? Just curious..

    I am stoked for a practical pandemic project -PpP-
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