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Thread: MD Charlton outstanding customer service

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    MD Charlton outstanding customer service

    Big shout out to MD Charlton for replacing some turret caps on my Sig Sauer Romeo 5 red dots. I bought three of them because they were on sale recently. The red dots were setup pretty good right out of the box, I didnít need to adjust them. I shot a few rounds at the range and when I came home I noticed one turret cap was missing. I checked the turret caps on the other red dots and they were all loose. MD Charlton replaced them at no cost too me. Iím extremely greatful and very happy with the level of service this company has provided. I would not hesitate to buy Sig Sauer products again due to MD Charlton. Thank you very muchÖ

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    Yeah they are top notch

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    They just replaced my Romeo 1 optic that a crack develop, the turn around was super fast and no questions asked. Pleasantly surprised, and quite happy with the customer service.
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    Had my SIG P320 sent in for service upgrade the turn around was Fast . Thanks Micheal
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    I have had 2 opportunities to have my 2 different Sig P226's in for Upgrades. Service was beyond outstanding. Communication was great too.
    Honestly my Sig came back way better than it went in.
    Tim was tremendous with me, and the costs were very reasonable.
    Buy a SIG and you will never regret it. Keep up the good work MD CHarlton!

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