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Thread: Is it really worth shopping at this store? TENDA

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    I am here to report my latest dealing. I have zero bone to pick with them or skin in the game here other than merely reporting my experience.

    Ordered something Sunday last week. Made it to me today. It was shipped within 2 days of placing the order and the rest was in the carriers hands (UPS) I am pleased with the transaction and expediency of the shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition with all components in the shipment.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    I went into the store just before lockdown before Christmas. I had ordered something to be shipped and decided after to go pick it up as I wanted it before Christmas. They took my call and change the order and had it ready to be picked up the next day. They were very polite and knowledgeable and even let me know when I was there that the rifle I purchased (cz 527) would need special rings and brought some out that would work. I was already aware but thanked them for having a well run business with competitive prices. I do recommend and just placed another order and don't care if it takes 2 weeks to get here.
    There you have it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeMac View Post
    Im starting to wonder if it make sense to continue shopping at this store. Yes, we get general emails on new stocks and on sale items. However, any new ordered items in the past week or so are still in the same status and unchange. The phone number doesn't work and email replies as well, so technically you cant get a hold of them. Is anyone else getting the same treatment on your recent orders?
    Itís worth it, Tenda has X95 in stock now. Itís go go time, my fellow gunnutz!!!

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    I've had a good experience with these guys, good prices and fast shipping. I bought a brand new s&w 22 that ended up being a lemon, had to send it in for warrenty but it works great now. I blame that on s&w obviously.

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    If you donít like, donít buy.....
    I have had nothing but good service from them however I always go the the store.....never by mail.
    Great thing about Canada.....everyone has freedom of choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo 2 View Post
    It’s worth it, Tenda has X95 in stock now. It’s go go time, my fellow gunnutz!!!
    Got the in stock email, order in, fingers crossed. Will be my first purchase with them.

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    Placed an order on the December 24th and it was processed/shipped by the 26th. Item as described. From my end id say a good experience. Thanks Tenda!
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    Two different orders and two mistakes. Maybe bad luck but I doubt it.
    Still waiting on the second order to be straightened out. They sent me the wrong caliber rifle.
    Talked to a guy named Bob there. Excellent guy to deal with but when I called back a few days later I got another person telling me that a person named Bob never worked here.
    His attitude really sucked big time!!!

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    FWIW- this is my 7 th order - they acknowledged receipt..and l got a shipping notification after l received order..9 days.
    Good to me !

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    I've shopped there a lot, and bought both firearms and ammo from them. Nothing but a good experience every time. If you buy more than $300, shipping is free.
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