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Thread: Is it really worth shopping at this store? TENDA

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    Just ordered an optic from them, not only did they have it placed immediately. I had to email them to fix the shipping address. They responded within the hour and then had the shipping label later that day!

    On top of good service online, they had the optic for 150-200 LESS then ALL other stores AND it was on sale.

    SAVING ME $400 total. Now I just need UPS to deliver it!

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    Ordered a restricted barrel from them Tuesday, shipped out Thursday. No issues

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    It's been my experience best prices........poor shipping communication.One time I received smashed boxes of loose ammo just thrown in a pkg ...not CP as it was internal.......... So if you can live with that? It's a crap shoot they don't seem to care if the customer is happy or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeMac View Post
    Im starting to wonder if it make sense to continue shopping at this store. Yes, we get general emails on new stocks and on sale items. However, any new ordered items in the past week or so are still in the same status and unchange. The phone number doesn't work and email replies as well, so technically you cant get a hold of them. Is anyone else getting the same treatment on your recent orders?
    If you don't want to shop somewhere don't.

    No need to post about it.

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    My experiences with Tenda have always been great. Ammo comes quickly. I had to return a Kadet 2 adapter which would not function in my Omega. I was able to return it for a full refund and they even paid the return shipping! I have no idea what problems you're having - maybe they are self-inflicted...

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    I don't know how you can't seem to get a hold of them. I can communicate with them as easily as any other shop. I recently ordered some stuff from them and was quite happy with my experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobdbldr View Post
    Just ordered a Beretta 1951, NOS, will let you know but so far so good and best price in Canada!
    Update; I just received my Beretta, initially I had not filled out the gun club info or it got deleted,, no problem we fixed that and their communications was excellent. I got the transfer and sent it to them because sometimes it speeds things up, they always send a Thankyou etc. They sent it Canada post which is usually great but with most places it gets carded out and I have to wait an extra day to get my gear! Tenda had it carded out immediately and I could go right away to pick it up and sign for it. Awesome.
    The 1951 was packaged very well and the pistol was immaculate!!! ( if you don't have one of these you should get one before they are gone) sadly this is a Birthday gift for my wife,, well not sadly but you know what I mean! It is better that the last one I got from elsewhere and that one was awesome! So, overall a fantastic experience, I will shop at Tenda again when they have something I want!
    Cheers Bob

    " Those who hammer their swords into plowshares, will Plow for those who do not".

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    I guess Tenda is the new " bear defense" Wednesday Thread.

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    for the 27th time: yes
    The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a BIGGER gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freezuch View Post
    Is it really worth shopping at this store? - YES
    Agreed. I had great service from them. Answered my email quickly.

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