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Thread: E-2574 Petition: Call Upon the PM to withdraw GunBan OIC

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    E-2574 Petition: Call Upon the PM to withdraw GunBan OIC

    We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020 Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms

    Petition to the Prime Minister
    The Prime Minister’s firearms confiscation regime, undemocratically imposed without debate during a pandemic while Parliament is suspended, is an assault on Canadian democracy;
    Canada already has stringent regulations and comprehensive legislation related to firearms ownership;
    Canada has millions of responsible, law-abiding firearms owners;
    Data shows that the confiscation regime would not stop firearms violence in Canada;
    The majority of firearms used in violent crimes are obtained illegally and/or are smuggled into Canada;
    Legal firearms owners are strong advocates for measures that will actually prevent firearms violence;
    Legal firearms owners in Canada are vetted on a daily basis through the CPIC system;
    The Prime Minister is using the emotion of the tragedy in Nova Scotia to impose this confiscation regime even though all of the firearms the murderer used were illegally obtained;
    The list of firearms to be confiscated is arbitrary and not based on functionality;
    “Assault rifles”, or fully automatic firearms, have been banned in Canada since 1977;
    Criminals who have illegally obtained firearms will not be impacted by this confiscation regime; and
    The federal government is abandoning evidenced-based decision making as it relates to preventing firearm violence.
    We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms and instead pass legislation that will target criminals, stop the smuggling of firearms into Canada, go after those who illegally acquire firearms, and apologize to legal firearms owners in Canada.
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    My email to Michelle, copied to the usual suspects:


    I’ve just read your petition.

    I am appalled!

    The idea that I should sign a petition indicating that I would be happy with a ban, if the only guns targeted are actually evil and if the process for banning them was appropriate, is revolting!

    A firearm is simply a firearm. All are suitable for you to have!

    There is no legitimate process for violating your rights!

    May I respectfully suggest that you tear up that piece of garbage and replace it with a demand that:

    1. The ancient right to arms be recognized and fully protected.

    2. All firearms specific law be repealed.

    3. Firearms law and regulation be preempted to the Government of Canada, to prevent other jurisdictions from enacting legislation that can only harm the innocent.

    You have a right to life, to liberty, and to security of the person.

    Those rights aren’t worth the paper upon which they are printed if government is allowed to interfere in your use, carriage, or possession of firearms with which to protect your life, your liberty, your personal security.

    Government has no legitimate interest in use, carriage, or possession by an individual.

    The only legitimate interest of government is in the malefactor, and that only after the act.

    This madness, this headlong rush to disarm you, must be ended.

    Enough already!

    Thank you,
    To demonstrate that people can actually go to the moon and back, you use the American experience.
    To demonstrate that public safety is not adversely affected by responsible people carrying to protect life, you also use the American experience.

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    Signed asap. Will forward link to others

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    We the lawful firearm owners of Canada would like to call on The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, as a show of solidarity and understanding in relation to the May 1, 2020 “assault style” rifle ban to hereby relinquish and consider as banned the 1960 Mercedes Benz 300SL owned by Mr. Trudeau and passed down to Mr. Trudeau by his late father Mr. Pierre Trudeau.
    We feel that Mr. Trudeau should surrender this vehicle for the following reasons:
    1. The maximum speed limit anywhere in Canada is 120 KM/h (74.57 Mph), a Mercedes Benz 300SL can achieve 257 KM/h (160 Mph) far in excess of the legal limit. We believe that no one needs a race car to go buy milk.
    2. This vehicle looks like it will go very fast and looks like it was made to serve no other purpose than to participate in illegal street racing. Street racing has cost many lives in Canada and there is no place in Canada for a vehicle who’s only purpose is to street race.
    3. Drinking and driving as well as impaired driving under the influence of drugs is a major issue in Canada and in particular the use of race car style vehicles has been shown to be a major factor on Canada’s roads.
    We understand that Mr. Trudeau may have a reluctance to surrender his privately owned property and may site such reasons as:
    • I’m a lawful driver
    • I have a driver’s license
    • My vehicle is registered
    • Only criminals drive over the speed limit
    • Only criminals drink and drive
    • Only criminals drive under the influence of drugs
    • Only criminals street race
    • The appearance of my vehicle has nothing to do with its operational capabilities
    • My vehicle is very expensive
    • My vehicle was lawfully acquired
    • My vehicle is a family heirloom
    • Confiscation of my vehicle will not stop street racing, drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs.
    We, the lawful firearms owner’s of Canada understand and appreciate Mr. Trudeau’s possible concerns and as such, we believe that there should be options for Mr. Trudeau, these can include:
    • A buy back program (we call on the Canadian government to buy back Mr’ Trudeau’s Mercedes Benz 300 SL and offer him a price to be decided by a low level bureaucrat who knows nothing about vehicles, perhaps someone from Fisheries and Oceans)
    • Surrender without compensation.
    • Grandfathering (no use, transport, sale of the vehicle to be permitted, the vehicle must remain locked in a sea can at all times until Mr. Trudeau passes or decides to surrender the vehicle with no compensation).
    • Deactivation (The engine compartment to be encased in concrete, door and trunk welded shut “Boots” applied to all wheels and welded closed.)
    We thank Mr. Trudeau and fully believe that he will want to participate in the banning and confiscation of his beloved family heirloom for the safety of all Canadians and as a show of solidarity with the lawful firearms owners whom he lords over.

    Please feel free to copy, share, modify....Whatever, this post. I've had several people ask if they can use this; spread it far and wide.....Staple a copy to selfie the clown's forehead if you can....
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    The legal firearm owner in Canada must be very careful to follow the letter of the law in regards to the firearms act, he must, above all, be very careful NOT to try to interject REASON or COMMON SENSE into the process

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    Please remember, this is the official format for petitions in the House of Commons. You must complete the email verification to be counted. You might have to look for it in your junk mail folder.

    The last petition had thousands of unverified signatures that could not be counted.

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    Signed and shared on social media.

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    Slowed down a bit overnight again. Keep sharing and spreading the word. We need this to go over 1M!!!

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    Signed and verified.
    CPC PC Ontario

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    Anyone else not getting the verification email? And yes I have checked my junk/spam as well

    Update. Got the email after 1.5ish hrs.
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