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Thread: Proud to be Canadian ashamed of my government magazine 5.00 will be donated in Canada

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    308 pmags? ak pmags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    We are currently working on them at the moment. There will be another run when the export comes into Canada.
    Any chance of doing a pre order? I don't want to miss out again. And that way you can reduce risk and move the money to the legal challenges sooner... just thinking out loud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarryL View Post
    Hi everyone, I haven`t heard about this donation before. I don`t know much about government and firearms regulation in Canada, do you have the same laws in each province? I have read a little bit from and it seems like in Canada you can carry the gun. But for carrying a handgun you must have reasonable cause. In essay examples, I couldn`t find which causes are reasonable.
    ATC's for protection from others are rarely if ever issued to regular civilians unless it has been proven that the police are unable to provide protection and there is an imminent threat to them, and sometimes even that isn't enough. Unless there has been several attempts on your life good luck getting approved. Its a joke.

    ATC's for wilderness carry are more accessible but still difficult to get. Basically you need to have proof that your job puts you at risk to 4 legged predators and that you are competent and proficient in using an appropriate large calibre handgun to protect yourself from such threats. If you're a regular civilian that doesn't work in remote areas, your probably not going to have any luck getting an ATC for wilderness carry
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